İrem UZUN –TDO- (14.02.2020)- Sajid Javid has resigned as chancellor after Boris Johnson asked him to sack all of his advisers in a move by No 10 to seize control of the Treasury. Javid has been replaced by his deputy, Rishi Sunak, the chief secretary to the Treasury, who is a favourite within No 10. Javid, who had been in post since last summer, repeatedly clashed with Johnson’s senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, over issues such as restraints on spending.

Javid had been due to deliver his first Budget in four weeks' time. The former home secretary was appointed chancellor by Johnson when he became prime minister in July. Speaking outside his home, Javid told reporters he was asked to replace all of his political advisers to stay on in the role. He said: “I was unable to accept those conditions and I do not believe any self-respecting minister would accept those conditions.” His resignation follows rumors of tensions between Javid and the prime minister's senior adviser Dominic Cummings.

In his shake-up, Johnson fired and appointed ministers to key cabinet posts. Several high-profile women in Johnson's government, including Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom, Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers and Housing Minister Esther McVey, all said they had been fired on Thursday morning. Johnson also sacked Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith with a surprise move. Smith had been widely praised for helping to end the political deadlock that left Northern Ireland without a regional government and assembly for three years.

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