Hassam Hameed-TDO-19.01.2018- Russian-bound bus had 52 people killed by catching a fire, this Thursday. 5 people managed to escape, but rest died on the spot. People on board were Uzbeks heading to Russia along the Samara-Shymkent route. This incident happened at 10:30 local time in the Aktobe region.

According to Afp news agency there were 55 people on board besides the two drivers. 5 people who survived the incident received immediate medical assistance, while rest died on spot. All those who died were Uzbek nationals and according Kazakh media passengers were migrant workers enroute to Russia. Emergency services ministry of Kazakhstan has set a hotline for worried family members.

Cause of fire is not clear yet, though initial blame of regional emergency service suggested short-circuit as the cause but ministry representative has refuted it, claiming its yet too early to know.

Bus was Hungarian-made Ikarus which are decades old. And are still widely popular in ex-soviet countries.

Region of Aktobe is known for high rate of accidents for passenger vehicles.

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