According to monitoring networks, a bus bombing that took place inSyria’s Idlib province has claimed at least 25 lives, and injured 25
more. CNN Turk reported that the detonation triggered by a person wearing an explosive vest occured at the entrance of a refugee camp located in Atmeh in August 14.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the bus was carrying opposition fighters when the explosion happened near the Atmeh border crossing. The source of the explosion haven’t been identified, and no organization claimed responsibility yet. Authorities said that the investigation regarding the incident still continues.Turkey sent several ambulances to the location and transferred 8 critically injured rebels to hospitals in Turkey’s Hatay province, while
the rest are set to be treated in Syrian hospitals. A day after the attack, authorities in Hatay announced the death of 4 rebel soldiers who were being treated in Turkish hospitals.Reports coming from Local Coordination Committees reveal that more than 180 civilians have been killed across Syria since Friday, including 22 children and 23 women. The number of casualties across the region are expected to increase, as well as the gravity of the situation that Syria has been facing in recent years.

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