News Center -TDO- A reception was held at the embassy for the “National Day of Bulgaria”, hosted by Bulgarian Ambassador to Turkey Nadezhna Nikolova Neynsky.

The reception was attended by the Minister of Commerce, Ruhsar Pekcan, representatives of the mission in Ankara and invited guests.

The reception began with the recitation of the national anthems of the two countries.

In his keynote address, Ambassador Neynsky said the world was being tested by global issues such as terrorism, refugees, poverty and new diseases.

"The new tests require a new approach that involves less bureaucracy and more dialogue with each other," Ambassador Neynsky said. “We need to think about what brings us together and what separates us. The world, and our children, can only survive through dialogue."

"The Republic of Turkey is a close neighbour and ally of Bulgaria," said Neynsky, stressing that dialogue is also the basis of good relations between Turkey and Bulgaria.

"The relations between Bulgaria and Turkey are based on the principles of good neighborliness, mutual respect and equality."Neynsky pointed out that bilateral relations have been strengthened by bilateral high-level visits.

Minister Pekcan, in his speech here, congratulated the National Day of the people of Bulgaria.

Pekcan said that the two countries, which have deep historical and cultural ties, have good economic and trade relations, "Bulgaria and Europe as a gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and as a transit corridor, we continue to cooperate. We work together at Kapıkule, Captain Andreevo, Hamzabeyli, Lesovo border crossings."

Pekcan pointed out that bilateral relations are important not only for Bulgaria and Turkey, but also for the prosperity of the Balkans and the Black Sea region, and stated, "We give importance to improving our bilateral relations in all areas. One of them is raising our mutual investment potential.”

Pekcan stated that Turkey wishes to improve its relations with the European Union and to update the customs union, and expressed that Bulgaria's support is important in this context.

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