İrem UZUN -TDO- Bulgarian prosecutors on Friday said several people had been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia. The prosecution said six people had been detained, including three from the Ministry of Defense.

Bulgarian National Television called Nova TV said officers raided several locations in the southern neighborhoods of Sofia on March 18. Some media outlets said as many as 50 locations or more were raided by Friday. Nova TV added that one suspect was detained after trying to escape. Bulgarian National Radio reported an increased police presence around exits of the capital in connection to the operation.

General Prosecutor Ivan Geshev called the operation “unprecedented” at a press conference on Friday, saying that the suspects were part of the bigger group carrying out Russian espionage and headed by an agent who Geshev referred to “The Resident” – and his wife. His wife, who has joint Russian-Bulgarian nationality, "played the role of intermediary between (the ex-officer) and the embassy of the Russian Federation," prosecution spokeswoman Siyka Mileva told a press conference.  She said the wife allegedly passed on confidential information about Bulgaria and its EU and NATO partners to "an employee of the Russian embassy," who in turn gave her money to pay the network.  It was "the first time in our recent history" that such a spy ring had been uncovered, Mileva added.

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