By Mustafa AY – TDO – 30.07.2017 That Pakistani Supreme Court disqualified ex-PM Nawaz Sharif on account of corruption prompted astonishment of public. Following Panama leaks in 2013, Supreme Court took Nawaz Sharif under scrutiny. In the aftermath of this annoying process to Sharif, Supreme Court’s 3 judges convicted ex-PM for corruption as a final decision and then disqualified him. After the decision, Nawaz Sharif stated that Supreme Court made its decision on unfounded grounds. If ex-PM’s critics addressing the judges come into true, then this is going to be interpreted as an act of toppling over both Sharif and Pakistani state itself.

Ex-PM has not filed for appeal against the decision of Supreme Court yet. Sharif’s indifference against the judgment make people conceives that either Sharif evaluates this as waste of time or the accusations has nothing else than ‘true’. But, there is an undeniable fact that should not be ignored. It is the ongoing happenings in the continent. Asia is troubling with multi-conflicts. On the one hand, extraordinary progress is being observed in US-Hindu affairs, on the other hand, China’s obstinacy with seizing grip of South China Sea has a colossal potential to trigger continental crisis, or maybe global crisis. In addition, rupture in bilateral affairs of USA-Russia is going through, following USA’s nightmare that is North Korea’s unremitting ballistic missile tests against USA. These all terrifying happenings in the continent alarm bells start to war. For this reason, the alliances have been in formation recently. Especially, Pakistan faces a growing US-Hindu cooperation that pushes Pakistan to side against them. For this reason, ex-PM, if he had not been disqualified, may have thought of joining Russian-Sino alliance in the future. Because the growing Sino-Hindu tension at the border of State of Sikkim, which is Hindu State, may have encouraged Sharif to take side on behalf of Russia-China alliance. Yet, Sharif could not have taken risk to be indifferent and neutral in imminent conflict. This would mean the profound impact on Pakistan. For this reason, the possibility suggesting Supreme Court overthrew Sharif in effect is undeniable, when we look at the situation in the continent. But, judgment of corruption strictly denied by Sharif is still in case.

Nawaz Sharif wants to see his brother Shahbaz Sharif in the office. But National Assembly of Pakistan witnesses activities like condemnation to Nawaz Sharif’s move by Imran Khan, the leader of opposition Tehleek-e Ihsan party. But, Shahbaz Sharif may be exposed to total failure in succeeding in his brother. He may not attain the vote for himself in National Assembly and not serve as interim PM. Even if Sharif is seen as a successor, Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League’s votes are not enough on its own. He can take over the office with the aid of its coalition partner’s votes on behalf of himself.

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