Serhat TUNAR - TDO- As is known, British Prime Minister Theresa May presented the BREXIT agreement that she and the European Union leaders agreed on to the House of Commons but she had suffered a great defeat. And May announced the postponement of a revised version of the Brexit agreement, which she promised to put it to vote this week.

British Prime Minister said that the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU will continue this week. May said, '' My team will be in Brussels this week. Therefore, this week we cannot present the agreement to parliament but we will make it available to 12 March.”

Theresa May also talked about the criticism of the delay in the presentation of the agreement to parliament and stated, ''People are talking about it as if they can solve this problem.Surely, we can postpone it. But there is a moment when we have to make a decision. The possibility of leaving the EU without an agreement on 29th March is still one of the choices we have.”

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