İlknurŞebnemÖztemel-TDO-The famous divorce that make Europeans busy, the Brexit,  led controversies in each side. Britain try to survive from the pressure that is imposed to it by EU member states, especially Germany and France, superciliously. It has been alleged that Brits, specifically conservative ones are in favor of a ‘’hard exit’’ from EU and choose to have a‘’  bad deal ‘’which would be the best for the UK. However, it has been revealed that the document about the Article 50, would be delivered to Brussels in a less strict voice.

From the beginning of the debate, EU diplomats did not hide their true beliefs as they has warned British authorities several times. They said incase of a ‘’bad’’ exit that is deprived from special trade agreements, would impose huge costs on the British economy . But Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s lead Brexit negotiator, has warned that leaving with no agreed trading arrangements would “undoubtedly leave the UK worse off”.

Regarding  World Trade Organization rules, firms would face tariffs on most goods and more ‘red tape’, if the EU refuses to recognize the UK’s regulatory standards.

On the other hand, Germany threatened UK as if it refuses to pay its £50bn Brexit ‘divorce bill’, it will take Britain to the International Court of Justice. Ministry of Economy in Germany decided that Britain is not only obliged politically but also economically to pay its debts to EU. In the paper it says “Great Britain pays for its share just like the other member states’’.

Britain is bound by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, signed in 1970, which governs what happens when states terminate treaty commitments.


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