Just a few days ago the United Kingdom has voted in a crucial referendum to leave the European Union. Although the decision seems like territorial, it has led disastrous impacts across the globe. While the economic cost of Britain’s decision was so high, EU took a major blow to its politics. The process of European integration negatively affected as the right-wing politicians from Holland and France have called for similar referendum in their countries.The result of the referendum has been marked by German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier as ‘a sad day for Europe and Britain’. According to Deutsche Welle, the member countries which are against global integration of EU with the outside countries and disregard budget discipline, was restrained by the partnership between London and Berlin. Since there will not be such partnership after Brexit, Germany will be the most negatively affected country by Britain' exit from the EU. Most importantly, Scotland, where people voted by a large margin to stay in the EU, will likely seek independence after Britain’s decision to leave EU. Moreover, a new referendum call was made for unification of Northern Ireland which is a part of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Signed in 1998 and provided a relative peace for Northern Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement would be brought to agenda and relationship between two countries would be effected. It would seem that Britain’s decision loomed over like a nightmare. However, the most important thing it was an “advisory referendum” which means the referendum is not legally binding but it would only have a political effect. In theory, David Cameron, who opposes Brexit from the very beginning, would ignore the will of the people and put it to the question of the parliament. On the other hand, Donald Trump, who fight to become Republican presidential nominee in the United States (US),celebrated the Britain’s decision and spoke at the prelaunch of his £200 million golf resort in Scotland. He have called the Brexit as ‘a great thing’ and said that people want to take their country back, and they want to have independence, in a sense.The democratic Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential nominee in the US history, had expressed support for the remain camp and stressed their respect for Britons’ decision. Barack Obama also stressed the endurance of a special relationship with the UK and the European Union and their respect for its decision. But Trump welcomed Britain leaving the EU during his visit to Scotland and proposed it as a positive thing both for the US and Britain. Given the fact that it was no coincidence that Trump was in Scotland to prelaunch his golf resort in the same day with referendum. In this sense, we can talk about same driving forces behind Trump’s presidential campaign and the decision of Britain to leave EU.Initially, migration and asylum policies had been major issues of Brexit. Indeed immigration and border control practices in order to limit access to Britain had been campaign promises. Nigel Farage, who wants for Britain to leave the European Union as head of UK Independence Party (UKIP), had negative attitudes towards migration by appealing to nationalist feelings. He was explaining the main reasons behind the unemployment as increased migration rate and the migrants who have been working in the Britain.Similarly Trump became popular with his policies against migration in his presidential campaign. In this context, it is impossible for Trump to be a Brexit opponent. Hence Trump, who made immigration one of the major issues during his campaign launch, proposed to build a wall along the US/Mexico border in order to prevent illegal immigration. Using vastly racist discourse, he said that only the rapists and the murderers were coming from the Mexico. Republican presidential nominee Trump also proposed if he elected president, he will send back Syrian refugees and ban Muslim immigration to the US.With his trademark 'Make America Great Again' slogan, Donald Trump, in the US presidential election of November 2016, seems one of the strongest candidates of the Republican Party. Still it is hard to say that people from the US will do the same things as Britons did and take a step into uncertainty. As Zygmunt Bauman, one of the most influential social thinkers of the world, argues that we live in a world of war where there is no peace, no friendship, no solidarity; a world where everyone is at war with each other. Thus we will see what will happen next.
by Nuran Yıldırım

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