Following the referendum in the UK, a new future is on the cards not just the people of Britain, but for the whole of the EU and the entire world. In this foggy atmosphere in which it is difficult to see a month ahead, one of the most important players in the EU has shifted direction and the UK has decided to chart its own course. Will those who remain manage to find safe haven before the storm? Or will they all set out to chart their own course? We will only be able to see clearly one or two years down the line.In last month’s article on the Brexit debate, it had been said that the referendum in the UK would be an important test for the EU and that the signalled separation would lead to a questioning of the EU’s values and aims. The day awaited for months finally arrived on Thursday June 23rd and on the morning of June 24th, following the count, the whole world woke up to a new reality. The referendum result in UK, where the people voted on whether to leave the EU or stay confirmed the worst fears of many as Britain decided to leave the EU with 52 per cent for and 48 per cent against. News CentreYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of July

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