BREXIT does not only affect future of Britain-EU relationship. Another breaking news came from the Austria after the ‘divorce’ that shakes the very foundation of EU. Norbert Hofer the extreme rightist canditate that has lost the second round of the Austrian Presidency elections on May 22 very closely even suspiciously for some, got acceptance from his application to cancel the decision from the Constitutional Court.It’s evaluated that Austrian Libertarian Party extreme rightist candidate Norbert Hofer’s chance in winning the elections is increased for the upcoming re-election after the Britain’s referandum to leave EU. It’s speculated that, election zones where Alexander van der Bellen winner of the June 22 elections against Hofer took the most votes have welcomed the news of re-election well. It’s excpected to Hofer win over Bellen at the second round of elections on October 2 under normal circumstances. News Center

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