Selin ATAY-TDO- Rieli Franciscato, a state official in Brazil's National Indigenous Foundation, is shot dead with an arrow fired by an Amazon tribe in the state of Rondonia.

Franciscato, the head of a programme to protect indigenous groups, had gone to the area with police patrol to investigate the isolated indigenous people seen in the area in June.

Police Director Jeremias Mendes said Franciscato ran to take shelter behind a vehicle when the attack began, but officers later found him lying on the ground with an arrow that hit above the his heart.

"They are normally known as a peaceful tribe… but this time there were five armed men,” said a journalist named Gabriel Uchida, who witnessed the incident.

According to environmental association officials in the area, isolated indigenous people thought their land had been occupied and attacked in an attempt to survive. Members of the Cautrio River Tribe, who have no connection to the outside world, are presumed to consider visitors such as Rieli Franciscato as "enemies".

Indigenous peoples’ leaders say attacks on ancestral lands have increased since Bolsonaro, who pledged to open the Amazon to agriculture and mining, came to power in 2019.

Environmental groups said Bolsonaro had turned a blind eye to the deforestation of the Amazon by cutting the budget of the unit Franciscato works for and other agencies that aims to protect indigenous people.

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