News Center -TDO- Brazilian Ambassador to Turkey Eduardo Riccardo Gradilone and his spouse Diva Gradilone and Brazilian defence attaché Navy Captain Marcio Vilara and his spouse Cleisla Vilara hosted a reception at the Ankara Atlı Hotel for Brazilian Navy Day.

The reception was attended by representatives of the diplomatic and military missions in Ankara, academics, members of the media and many invited guests.

The reception began with the opening speech by Marcio Vilara, the Brazilian defense attaché, after the two countries' national anthems were played.

Colonel Vilara said:On September December 4, 1925, the Brazilian Navy declared December 13 as“Sailor's day” in honor of the birthday of Admiral Joaquim Marques Tamandaré, the distinguished leader of Brazil who made great contributions to the many naval battles and National struggles for the independence of Brazil during the imperial period.

Since then, the Brazilian naval operation, which is responsible for performing various Navy of Brazil in the South Atlantic, especially Patrol-inspection is performed and“blue Amazon” called in relation to the interests which contribute to the promotion of the Brazilian exclusive economic zone plays an important role for the Brazilian nation.

The Brazilian Navy, which is responsible for the huge area in the South Atlantic Ocean where its numerous operations are carried out, also carries out many search-and-rescue activities.

In this context, the Brazilian Navy strives to stay contemporary and in balance through its modernization program, which is in line with the National Defense Strategy and is tied to the Brazilian national reputation.

She is also part of the United Nations Interim Force on Lebanon(UNIFIL), the starboard ship Brazilian frigate, under the Naval Task Force led by a Brazilian Admiral of the Brazilian Navy. Under UNIFIL, the countries conducting the Naval Task Force in Lebanon are Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey and Greece. During this mission, the Turkish Navy provides logistical assistance to Brazilian units as the relevant friendly country.”

The Brazilian Ambassador, Eduardo Riccardo Gradilone, thanked those who attended the night in a speech here.

Ambassador Gradilone said his first job in 1968 was to work on a German ship, adding that today was also a day of celebration for him.

Ambassador Gradilone said Brazil's Navy had to defend its country against organized crime and environmental crime, with the task of acting in emergencies such as hunting predatory fish, the oil spill in our marine waters and the Brumadinho disaster. 

Ambassador Gradilone also mentioned some of the projects the Navy is pursuing that make all Brazilians proud of this force, stating that in January they will open the new Antarctic base ‘Comandante Ferraz'.

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