Two months to go before the highly anticipated Rio Olympics, Brazil continues to go through difficult days. The country is fighting an economic crisis as well as reeling from political scandals. It seems that the Rio Olympics will have a major effect on Brazil, but not just in a good way.
The 31st Olympics, which are held every four years, will be held in a South American country for the first time this year. Brazil is under much scrutiny but all is not well for the country known for its sporting success and festivals. Experts say that brazil is going through its worst time in 25 years. While economic deficiencies and political scandals occupy the agenda, the country is also fighting the most dangerous epidemic of 2016. As well as the Brazilian people, Olympic contestants and sports lovers are concerned. The Brazilian economy seems to have geared up inordinately for the Olympics. The budget devoted to the games is far too high for a country fighting an economic crisis. Officials are unduly optimistic and seem to think the Olympics will break Brazil’s bad run.By Beste Naz GülenYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of June

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