Brazil’s Supreme Court approved the investigation on corruption allegations that President Michel Temer is linked to the scandal centered on Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company.
Brazil Supreme Court Judge Teori Zavascki approved the investigation, which implicates Mr. Temer, Senate President Renan Calheiros and several members of Brazilian Democratic Movement Party PMDB.
Corruption scandal in Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company, had created the effect of the earthquake on the country' politics. Hundreds of people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the scandal, including dozens of deputies and senators, allowing them to skim 800 millions of dollars from the company through inflated contracts during the chairmanship of Rousseff.Hence President Rousseff who was chairman of Petrobras between 2003 and 2010 removed from the office by the Senate for 180 days and former vice president Temer became the interim president in May 2016. New government under the administration of Temer will stay in power until the 2018 elections. However, it seems that Temer suspected from corruption related to the company Petrobras.
According to one of the world' leadingnon-governmental organizations which fights against the corruption so-called Transparency International, Brazil has been ranked at 76 among the 168 countries in Corruption Perception Index 2015. Hence we cannot ignore the effect of Petrobras Scandal for these results; and recently the support of people to government is decreasing.According Sputnik News, a survey held by MDA and Brazil' National Transport Confederation in order to get public opinion about corruption in June 2016, about 47 percent of the population think level of corruption stayed same, the more than 28 percent of population think there is a decrease at the level of corruption, and 18 percent of population thinks corruption level is increased.
Temer was formally sworn in as Brazil' President three weeks ago after months of political turmoil that led to the impeachment of his leftist predecessor Dilma Rousseff.Over 100 people have so far been arrested for their alleged involvement in the scandal, including dozens of other high profile executives. The investigation was launched in 2014 after investigators started to note billions of Brazilian reads being moved across the world.Temer and the PMDB have been widely unpopular as a result of Rousseff’s ousting and widespread austerity measures, which has been met by strong opposition from around the country with a number of protests staged calling for his removal.Brazil' Supreme Court on Friday approved a preliminary investigation into plea bargain deal allegations from former Transpetro head Sergio Machado that President Michel Temer had solicited campaign donations in 2012 that had illicit origin.Brazil' largest ever corruption scandal.Brazil' Supreme Court revealed in June that parts of Machado' plea bargain testimony alleges that the campaign contribution requested by Temer was made legally by engineering group Queiroz Galvao but resulted from a kickback on contracts with Petrobras.Nuran YILDIRIM

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