Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.08.2017 Throughout the time when Philippines Army has been conducting counter-terrorism operations against DEASH in Philippines’ Marawi City, Philippines Army’s incapability stemming from absence of technological equipment was surfaced. For this reason, both neighboring and non-neighboring countries are sending both military and humanitarian aids to Philippines. In the previous days, US government achieved the first of these aides to Philippines Army. Within the context of military aides, Washington decided on granting 2 brand-new surveillance aircrafts named ‘Cessna 208B’ so that Philippines Army can watch DEASH’s maneuvers in the region and enhance the ground forces’s awareness of the enemy movements like an ambush against themselves.

Following the delivering ceremony, Philippines Army officials made a statement “This sort of airplanes are the first entering our air force’s inventory. We had never operated such aircrafts”. This statement justifies the army’s incapability and unpreparedness against a terrorist attack and even war. Therefore, whewn it comes to the armed struggle against DEASH, the army on the battlefield is now conscious about DEASH moves. This consciousness of the enemy will most likely enable Philippines to purify the region from the terrorist soon enough.

Besides USA, Singapore also took such a step, but for different purpose. Jakarta sent Cessna cargo airplanes full of humanitarian aids to Marawi civilians/sufferers. The motive driving Jakarta to endorse Philippines in this way, derives from same trouble ’DEASH’ in Singapore. Singapore wishes to dispose of DEASH terrorism which may increase if Philippines cannot get rid of them as soon as possible. That’s why, Singapore makes a goodwill gesture to Philippines by sending humanitarian aid.      


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