Selin ATAY-TDO- Boris Johnson has reiterated his position that a Scottish independence referendum should be a "once-in-a-generation" vote.

Speaking on one of the tv programme, the prime minister said the gap between referendums on Europe - the first in 1975 and the second in 2016 - was "a good sort of gap". "Referendums in my experience, direct experience, in this country are not particularly jolly events. They don't have a notably unifying force in the national mood, they should be only once-in-a-generation." PM said.

Asked what the difference was between a referendum on EU membership being granted and one on Scottish independence being requested, Mr. Johnson said: "The difference is we had a referendum in 1975 and we then had another one in 2016. That seems to be about the right sort of gap."

The independence referendum which took place in 2014 resulted in a 55.3% vote against Scotland going alone. According to recent opinion polls, the number of people who want Scotland to leave London is in the majority.

Nicola Sturgeon, first Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), said that she wants to see an independent Scotland join the EU. The first minister stated Europe should "keep a light on" as Scotland will be "back soon". Nicola Sturgeon tweeted just after the Brexit transition period formally ended at 11:00 on 31 December 2020. Tweeting a picture of the words Europe and Scotland joined by a love heart, Sturgeon wrote: "Scotland will be back soon, Europe. Keep the light on."

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