Selin ATAY-TDO- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson answered questions about China's treatment of Uighur and other Turkish communities in East Turkestan. In his speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was up to the courts to determine genocide cases.

The US administration, led by Donald Trump, has announced that it considers China's activities against Uighurs to be "genocide and crimes against humanity." Prime Minister Johnson answered questions posed to him by reporters about Washington's assessment of his decision and whether he supported the move. "The attribution of genocide is a matter of the judiciary. But for my part, I believe that what is happening in East Turkestan and what the Uighurs are experiencing is completely hateful," PM said.

The arrangement, which prevents a trade deal with a country if the British judiciary rules that a country has committed 'genocide', was rejected by the ruling party in Parliament yesterday. All of the opposition parties and opinion leaders of religious communities in the UK have been demanding changes to the law on post-Brexit trade deals.

A statement made by the British Foreign Office about China acknowledged that China had committed rights violations in East Turkestan, but said that the 'genocide' sentence could only be handed down by international courts.

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