İrem UZUN -TDO- Britain will prosper even if his negotiating team are unable to strike a trade deal with the European Union, a statement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said on Monday.  “The Prime Minister has been clear that we will not accept any proposals in the negotiations that undermine our status as a sovereign, independent country and if the EU don’t respect the sovereignty of the UK we will leave on Australian terms and the Prime Minister is confident that we will prosper,” the statement said.

Talks on the trade deal began again in Brussels on Monday, with the UK's chief negotiator saying there had been "progress". "We're working very hard to get a deal but there's quite a lot to do," Lord David Frost told reporters. His EU counterpart, Michel Barnier, said he wanted "future cooperation to be open but fair" with the UK. Tweeting as talks started, he added "We remain determined, patient and respectful".

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said that the two parties still have a “very wide gap” on fishing and without progress on the issue since the summer.  “Until we can find a way of doing that, there isn’t going to be an agreement,” he was quoted as saying. Britain officially withdrew its membership with the EU on January 31 but will continue to follow the latter’s rules until the end of the year.  If there will be no agreement made, trade between the two parties will automatically follow the rules of the World Trade Organization, where tariffs will be imposed on each other’s goods. This would push up costs for both firms and consumers.

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