Selin ATAY-TDO-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, London, the central points of the occupation of environmentalists who continue to invade the 'cannabis smelling tents' to call to end their actions, while the number of detained activists approached 350.

Eco-activists who left London in chaos today were branded ‘crustiest’ and ‘importunate nose-ringed climate change protesters’ by Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister said Extinction Rebellion demonstrators to ‘stop blocking the traffic’ to the city center to a halt despite a massive police presence.

According to the BBC, Johnson, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher biography of the participation of the last night, environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion (Destruction Rebellion) targeted.Security forces warned him not to participate in the program, explaining Johnson, "They told me the risk of throwing eggs," he said.

Describing protestors as ' importunate nose-ringed climate change protesters', Johnson said, "The best thing possible for the education of the inhabitants of cannabis-smelling tents that pollute Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park is to stop traffic and buy a copy from this book," he said.

On the other hand, the number of detainees on the second day of environmental occupation reached 319 by midnight.British police, car traffic for the action closed outside Trafalgar Square will be detained activists reported.

The Extinction Rebellion group organized occupation protests for several days in April, and more than a thousand people were detained during the demonstrations.

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