Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Boris Johnson lost a majority in parliament when Conservative party member Philip Lee moved to the Liberal Democratic Party. It was very important for Boris Johnson to ensure that a majority in the parliament could be implemented without compromise Brexit.

In the face of the separation of Philip Lee, who moved to the liberal party and carried his seat to the opponents of the Brexit, and the unlikely anti-Brexit proxies within the Conservative Party to be able to approve a draft law restricting Johnson's ability to act, the British Prime minister made the following statements:

"The rebellious conservatives within us are destroying our chances of getting a better Brexit agreement. We can remove the precautionary clause, but every time we propose a solution for Brexit, the EU asks us, ‘What will Parliament do?’ "The best way to get the deal today is to act with the government today. I don't want it to be a general election, but if you tie my hands, you'll have to beg me to go to Brussels to get an extension. If that happens, I can't negotiate."

As it is known, Johnson had asked his party and the whole parliament to reject the draft law prepared by Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, to prevent Brexit without agreement.

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