Selin ATAY-TDO-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized for the "hurt and offence" caused by Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

PM Johnson has described veiled Muslim women as "letterboxes" and "bank robbers."  Labor and the Liberal Democrats agreed that Islamophobia should be defined as "a form of racism whose origins are based on racism, targeting Islam and those perceived as Muslims", while the Conservative Party has been accused of anti-Islam many times before.

"Obviously whenever we have an incident of antisemitism or Islamophobia or whatever in the Conservative Party we take a zero-tolerance approach” he told reporters.

"We are going to have an independent inquiry into Islamophobia, antisemitism, every manner of prejudice and discrimination and it will start before Christmas. “Pressed on whether he apologized for the Islamophobia that has taken place in the Conservative Party, the prime minister replied: "Of course. And for all the hurt and offence that has been caused - of course we do.

Johnson's statements came after the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) accused the Conservative Party of being tolerant of Islamophobia.

Statement of MCB stressed that Muslims face threat of Islamophobia; “This is an acute issue, especially in the Conservative Party, which approaches Islamophobia with denial, rejection and trickery. It is very clear to many Muslims that the Conservative Party has taken a tolerant approach to Islamophobia, allowed it to increase in society and failed to take the necessary measures to root out such racism."

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