German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere has told an international Austrian broadcaster that the border controls on the Austrian border, being implemented due to the refugee crisis, may be lifted soon. Stating that controls and police deployed at the border with Austria had been lowered, Thomas de Maiziere said that if numbers of refugees remained low, the duration of border controls would not be extended beyond May 12th.
The German Minister of the Interior has said that the crisis between Berlin and Vienna over refugee policies was over and that they were critical of the Austrian attempts at a unilateral solution at the time, which would have burdened other countries. Thomas de Maiziere has defended his country’s approach to capping the number of refugees and said other options would not be “legally or politically correct.”
In his statements, the German minister also said that focus should be on implementing the agreement between the EU and Turkey and preventing the formation of a new route into Europe over Italy and Bulgaria.
Germany had started temporary border controls on its Austrian border in September 2015, in the face of refugee flows. De Maiziere has reacted to some media in Germany claiming that there were 500,000 refugees in Germany, saying that in March, around 20,000 refugees had arrived.
Mete Ersöz

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