İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- On March 14, a bomb attack, targeting the bookstore, owned by Greek opposition leader, happened in Athens.

An unidentified person called a private TVchannel at 02:20 AM and informed officials as they put several bombs supported by bottled gas, to the bookstore owned by Adonis Georgiadis who is the deputy president of New Democracy Party. Immediately police went to the store where is   located on one of the most crowded streets of the city, Kifisias street, found three of the bombs exploded. Fortunately, policehindered others to be simmered and no one hurt.

After the attack, Georgiadis wrote on his Twitter page as ‘’ Supporters of SYRIZAdenigrate me, opponents of the government organize bomb attacks for me. I guess, I am annoying both of them’’.

Regarding the ongoing debt crisis, Greece faces another political event every day. Recently, farmers from all over the country organized street demonstrations in Athens to protest newly introduced austerity measures. SYRIZA came to power in 2015,thanks to its campaign focusing on lessening harsh effects of austerity measures, enhancement of Greek people’s life conditions and GREXIT. Nevertheless, their success on this is still debated. 

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