Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Bolivia is seeking its new head of state after former leader Evo Morales, who recently resigned amid pressure from the opposition and the military, defected to Mexico.

Morales, the left-wing leader who ruled Bolivia for 14 years, left the country on a Mexican Air Force plane on Tuesday (yesterday) following his resignation.

Lawmakers from the opposition party have moved to formally accept Morales ' resignation and appoint an interim head of state until the re-election. However, this plan of the opposition failed to succeed with the decision of the movement towards socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo) party, led by Morales, to boycott the meeting.

In the capital, La Paz, people have taken to the streets since the October 20th election, which ended in Morales ' victory, with the opposition calling for irregularities in the elections. The people demand immediate order.

In addition, the deputies involved in the Morales government and many of their supporters in parliament also resigned. Jeanine Anez, the second vice president of the Senate from the opposition wing, is expected to take over the post on an interim basis.

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