Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Dennis Muilenburg, chief executive officer (CEO) of Boeing, a United States-based aerospace company and aircraft manufacturer, has resigned from his post.

David Calhoun will deputy for the seat vacated following Muilenburg's resignation. Calhoun will then be officially appointed to the post as of January 13th.

With the addition of the return to earth of the Starliner shuttle, which Boeing designed to carry personnel to the International Space Station but failed to settle into orbit as intended during launch testing, Dennis Muilenburg has decided to resign.

In his resignation letter, Muilenburg stated that a change in management was needed to restore confidence in the company.

Dennis Muilenburg, 55, who was appointed head of Beoing, the world's largest aviation company, in 2015, was heavily criticised after a 737 MAX passenger plane crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing at least 346 people.

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