July 14 Bastille Day is one of the most important events of the year for France. The day celebrated with joy every year caused flag of France to be associated with a different meaning this year. Blue, White and Red representing Liberté, égalité, fraternité changed the colors’ meanings to blue body bags, white truck and blood. Horrifying event where 84 people died, about 100 people got wounded took place in France yet, it should be understood; terrorism spills blood without discrimination to any race, state or religion.Islamophobia which is getting stronger as a result of terrorist attacks by radical Islamist terrorist organizations as a reaction to growing far-rightist fraction that is triggered by Islamophobia in Europe is creating a paradox hard to solve. People who could not integrate themselves into society in countries like France finding undisturbed to get into contact with radicals and increasing security flaws easing illegal individual arming are the reasons behind this paradox and increasing terrorist attacks. According to BBC Turkish’s news based on Daily Telegraph, about 100 French citizens from Nice and surroundings departing to Syria to join ISIS was reported by security forces. The ideology behind the attack remains valid even though no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. One of the most terrifying truths about terrorism is that an atmosphere is composed which radical individuals like Nice attacker French citizen of Tunisian origin Muhammed Buhlel can take action. In fact, the most important aim of radical Islamist terrorism is seem to cause people to feel that they are not safe anywhere and to decrease people’s trust on states. Nice attack occurring just after Euro 2016 where no terrorist attack happened is proving the pressure that terrorism wants to build.Another remarkable aspect of Nice terrorist attack on July 14 is that the incident has taken place on France where there is already existent state of emergency and Sentinelle Operation running. “Our democracies are besieged” these words tweeted by French Ambassador of US Gerard Araud and it would be the best sentence summarizing the situation we are in.Sentinelle Operation that runs since 2015 aiming to patrol 10.000 French soldiers with military camouflage on the streets, supporting security and the peace within the nation.Why Nice was chosen as target?The terrorist attacks which took place in France within last two years reach to ten. These ten terrorist attacks left 238 dead. While some the terrorist attacks including Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan and Nice, attracted world media’s attraction, the other incidents –maybe because of the low casualties- was neo mentioned comparing with other incidents. The people of France are feeling the fear of terrorism very closely in recent two years and French policemen and soldiers came to attention. So, why Nice became the target city of the this terrorist incident?
Gizem, (29), is a Turkish academic who lives in France since long time tell to Diplomatic Observer, Nice incident stunned the locals.
“ Nice could not be only defined as a touristic city. At the same time, the retired French bourgeois is living in Nice. The population of minorities in Nice is not high comparing with other big cities. Politically, right wing political movement and parties are very common in Nice. The latest incident is being read as a declaration of war and it also includes the message of no one is safe”.French news websites says Nice was under the threat of terrorism especially on the day of Bastille. French has cancelled the 14 July Bastille Day celebrations in Turkey.“Every violence means terrorism”According to Prof. Dr. Riva Kastoryano who is a scholar at Science-Po in France, Nice incident is a act of violence. She says “It is not easy to evaluate the incident yet. What we have is, the perpetrator is 31 years old, French men of Tunisian origin and got involved to small criminal act before like robbery. When we ask Prof. Dr. despite ISIS has not claimed responsibility Nice attacks, why ISIS in the spotlight? She says “DAESH generally claimed responsibility the attacks which was not carried out by its militant. For example, DAESH claimed responsibility the stabbing of two policemen –husband and wife- by the Franch Larossi Abballa of Morocco origin. The most crucial point is we are now at the age of violence. Every violence means terrorism”“If we consider that this attacked was launched by DAESH, the group was lost one-fourth of its territories and their Chechenian commander was killed. We can say Nice attack is the revenge of these losses. It’s DAESH’s strategy to attack the territories which they exist and be a citizen of. Maybe the perpetrator is lunatic as Norway’s Andres Breivik.”Ali Faruk İmre & Altuğ Alsan

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