Mustafa AY – TDO – 04.08.2018 In the city of Gardez where is located at eastern part of Afghanistan, Shias were exposed to bloody suicide bombing assail. The attack unfolded while Shia muslims were worshipping on Friday prayer in Khawaja Hassan mosque. Following the bombing assail, 25 people lost their lives as well as 40 got wounded. No terrorist organisation has assumed the responsibility of the attack yet.

Afghan security forces gave a briefing tos hot how the attack was carried out. According to Afghan officials, 2 terrorist organized the assail on the mosque. While one of the terrorists detonated explosive-vest on him/herself within the community, the other terrorist waited for those injured, who tried to flee the attack with panic, in order to shoot, and did so. Afghan officials haven’t announced the identities of terrorist yet.

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