Mustafa AY – TDO – 08.08.2017 Horrible reports comes from Afghanistan, as DAES and Taliban executed bloody carnage against civilians. Massacre unfolded in Sar-e Pul province of Afghanistan. In the assault by the alliance of two terrorist organizations, almost 50 civilians including in women, children and elders were murdered. This attack led sadness among the society. The particular in the assail is that DAES and Taliban targeted Shia Hazara community which may likely lead the gathering of the members of Shia sect. However, in case of such reliance suggesting possible sectarian discrimination against Sunnis, Afghan government won’t permit the demonstrations to be happened on account of the fact that those reliance is an ideal atmosphere for suicide bomb, if the gathering would be organized.

Simultaneously, Taliban managed another assail on a security outpost in Mirza Olang region. In the aftermath of the attack, Afghan Spokesman – Zabinullah Abani- made an official statement saying that 7 security members during ambush were murdered by the terrorists. There are some question marks addressing how possible those opposite groups formed an alliance and conducted a coordinated assault, even though both exhibited enmity against each other before. For this reason, the cooperation leaves an intriguing impression on the governmental officials and society. But, the possible rationale justifying this merger may be insufficient militants in those organizations. This alliance formed on the base of ‘lesser of two evils’ may foreshadow the total merger of those two terrorist organizations. It is not in so far from reality insomuch that Al-Qaeda’s Libyan wing has already united with DAES in the region. Therefore, Taliban may set up the affair with DAES when we take the mutual sympathy of Taliban and Al-Qaeda into consideration. 

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