Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.06.2018 At the last week, Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini made an interview with German Deutche Welle. In his interview, Salvini asserted his complaint over EU’s indifferent stance on the immigration issue that Italy has faced with for a long while. Minister Salvini called every EU member states to take precautionary steps aimed at remedying this fragile issue, in terms of EU’s long-lasting harmony and integration.Namely, Rome demanded collosal solidarity from its fellow states in EU. However, fellow states haven’t answered Salvini’s call yet.

The breaking point with regards to today’s exacerbating immigration issue is that Austria deployed military troops with armoured vehicles at the border of Brener Pass with Italy rather than answering Italy’s call for cooperation in the last summer. Following this frustrating move by Austria, immigration issue literally hit almost all of EU’s prominent powers insomuch deep that France and Spain became the part of annoying confrontation between Austria and Italy. So, EU turned into a supranational framework that cannot preserve its stability based on well-praised interstate collaboration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as a leader of an EU nation with most of immigrants in comparison to other EU states, met with her European counterparts to discuss about immigration and refugee policy on Monday. However, accorading to government spokesman, leaders’ meeting ended with no unanimous solution. In other words, Merkel failed to convince her European counterparts of joint action plan for solution of immigration and refugee issue. Following Italian Interior Minister’s intensive pressure on Merkel, who actually focused her attention on finding a common ground between EU leaders, her incapability of compromising her European counterparts triggered a predictable tension in German cabinet. Specifically to tell, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer – also the leader of Christian Social Union – bombarded Merkel’s failed efforts in EU meeting. Seehofer basically implied that coalition government broke down in case of that Chancellor Merkel’s failure concerning solution of immigration and refugee policy continues.

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