İlknur Şebnem ÖZTEMEL –TDO –The Bureau of Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ) has announced that  about 23,000 chickens were exterminated in Yunlin country of West Taiwan, as they are infected with H5N8 avian influenza virus.

Last month thousands of chicken and ducks were also put to death in several places of Japan. Moreover, Chinese authorities reported several incidences. In China it is banned  to import poultry from affected countries .Japan and South Korea are other countries that impose trade curbs  as a measure against the illness.

Bird-Flu  is a deathly epidemic that  disappears and spread again , occasionally . In 2006, 2007 and 2008, it was also seen in Turkey.  First, experts were encountered with the virus in a farm in Manyas/Balıkesir where is also called as ‘’ Even of Birds’’ and located on the migratory route of thousands of birds. Later it was plagued to 53 provinces. About 10 people were died in Turkey, approximately 2 million  barnyard fowl  were destroyed and Turkish chicken industry was about to bankrupt.

A week ago, it was reported that , the virus passed from a cat to a man in NewYork. A veterinary  who was working in an animal shelter,  has just recovered from another sickness , was inflected with bird flu. New York City health officials said there's no sign that the flu has spread to shelter workers or those who've adopted cats. Still, top investigator,  Dr. Mary Bassett  calling for caution. She said, "Our investigation confirms that the risk to human health from H7N2 is low, but we are urging New Yorkers who have adopted cats from a shelter or rescue group within the past three weeks to be alert for symptoms in their pets.

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