İrem UZUN -TDO- President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday that he had chosen former career diplomat William Burns to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). “Bill Burns is an exemplary diplomat with decades of experience on the world stage keeping our people and our country safe and secure. He shares my profound belief that intelligence must be apolitical and that the dedicated intelligence professionals serving our nation deserve our gratitude and respect,” Biden said.

Over a 33-year career as a U.S. diplomat and eventually deputy secretary of state, Burns worked as an ambassador to the United States' old Cold War adversary from 2005 to 2008 and led secret talks that paved the way to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal under former Democratic President Barack Obama. That background will be critical at the spy agency in a new Biden administration that has vowed to punish Russia if it is found responsible for a massive cyber breach affecting U.S. government agencies.

Recently, Burns has written articles critical of the Trump administration's policies and, last August, warned about the risks of President Donald Trump not accepting an election defeat. "If he loses, I doubt that he will suddenly embrace the traditional bipartisan commitment to effective transitions. At best, he'll be consumed by efforts to rationalize his defeat and paint the election as rigged; at worst, he'll seek to contest or undermine the result," he wrote in the Atlantic.

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