Prime Minister of Germany Angela Merkel’s party has experienced the heaviest lost in its history at the Berlin State elections.
Germany Christian Democrat Unity Party (CDU) and Social Democrat Party (SPD) have experienced loss of the votes. Even though they experienced a loss, SPD still arose strong from the election.
Right-Populist Party for the First Time
Right-Populist Party of the Germany, Free Democrat Party (FDP) get in to the parliament for the first time in history. FPD has pass the %5 election threshold and succeed in getting into the parliament in the Berlin State elections that has experienced an increase in the attendance compared to 2011.
Took the Heaviest Blow
Prime Minister Merkel’s Party CDU has experienced the heaviest lose in its history, lost %5,3 of its votes and dropped form %23,3 to %18.According to German analysts, Merkel’s party failed to pass %20 in parliament elections for the first time in history.German Political scientist and election analyst Prof Karl-Rudolf Korte stated that the party needs to decide whether Merkel will run for presidency from the CDU in the upcoming general elections in 2017 or not. Prior to this loss, CDU led by Merkel experienced another heavy loss in the parliament elections in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern where Social Democrat Party took the most seats.
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