Mustafa AY – TDO – 07.09.2017 Arnon Milchan whose reputation in Hollywood reached peak interviewed with Israeli detectives in London as the allegations about bribery turn into truths gradually. The interview reportedly became questioning urging Israel-born  Milchan to tell all their joint history like giving precious and valuable gifts to Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu like boxes of cigarettes, many pink champagnes and jewelries.

Arnon Milchan handed all receipts belonging to all these presents in İsraeli detectives in the midst of questioning. Following the question by Israeli official like “is there any future-business-promise made by PM for those presents?”, the answer is “no such business we had!”. In Israel, the officials did not take only this occasion into the allegations of bribery directing to PM. It extends far beyond that. In 2006, Israeli Defense Ministry commenced a tender bid for modernizing naval forces with latest submarines. During the bid, Netanyahu’s private lawyer got engaged in this process to turn the bid to the favor of German Naval Corporation ‘ThyssenKrupp’. In the last days, Israeli officials revealed the fact that The Corp. bribed the lawyer to accelerate the deal process so that the billion Dollars-worth ‘Dolphin Class Submarine’ deal could be finalized. Therefore, there is no doubt that Israeli PM Netanyahu will be subject to many troubles from this day on.

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