İrem UZUN -TDO- Belgium has announced a return to a national lockdown as the latest coronavirus figures show it has the highest infection rate in Europe. “We took the decision of a reinforced lockdown,” Belgium’s prime minister, Alexander De Croo said. “These are the last-chance measures”.

De Croo said the government had no choice but to move into a “stricter lockdown”. “Our country is in a health emergency,” he said. “The pressure on hospitals is immense, our care providers are making inhuman efforts. In the past week, 100,000 of our fellow countrymen were infected, we do not see any change ... We are moving to a stricter lockdown.” They will take effect on Sunday night, and will remain in force until 13 December. They will be evaluated on 1 December.   

Receiving visitors at home is no longer allowed, with the exception of one ‘cuddle contact’. People who live alone are allowed to have two cuddle contacts.  Outdoors, gatherings can still take place with a maximum of four people, while respecting the social distance and wearing face masks. Non-essential shops will be closed, but pick-ups or home deliveries of products ordered in advance remain possible.  Non-medical professions requiring close contact, such as hairdressers and estheticians, will be shut down.  For education, the autumn holidays will be extended even further for the whole country, schools will remain closed until 15 November. 

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