Mustafa AY –TDO -26.08.2017 In Europe, cutting assails are in surge. Since the last week, Germany’s Dusseldorf and Finland’s Turku witnessed stabbing incidents. In Finland, 2 were dead and 8 were taken to hospital because of serious injury, while 1 was murdered in Dusseldorf. After all unfortunate and terrifying incidents across these European countries, the latest stabbing attack has just unfolded in Belgium’s capital Brussels. A Somalia organized an attack with machete leading 2 soldiers to get wounded, not as harsh as in other countries. Assailants was shot dead by security forces.

The incident occurred in Brussels’s vital place named ‘Boulevard Emile Jacqmain’, where is located at close to Brussels’s Stock Exchange and other important buildings for Belgian finance. Following attack, Belgian prosecutors told “the assailant yelled ‘Allahu Ekber’ in the midst of attack on soldiers” in accordance with the eyewitness’s testimony. That’s why, prosecutor has suspicion on that the attack may have been organized by this Somalia above the order coming from DAES.    

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