Selin ATAY-TDO- Belgium’s Budget State Secretary Eva De Bleeker on Thursday tweeted a table with the price of each vaccine purchased by the EU and how much Belgium will spend in total on the vaccines, which the European Union (EU) Commission has reached an agreement and must remain confidential.

An opposition lawmaker questioned how the Belgian government would cover the cost of coronavirus vaccines. Eva De Blekeer posted a detailed picture on her Twitter account of the MP's questions and criticisms. De Bleeker admitted she had "acted very transparently" by sharing his price list. The Belgian minister deleted the tweet and said the blunder would not “endanger anything” concerning Belgium’s access to vaccines.

Pfizer Benelux spokeswoman Elisabeth Schraepen said De Blekeer's tweet was "the communications team's fault." "These prices are covered by the confidentiality clause stipulated in the contract with the European Commission," spokesman Schraepen said. "I can confirm that, but we will not make any further comment," Schraepen added.

According to the agreement of the EU Commission, the cheapest vaccine is the product developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca. The cheapest vaccine on the list, the AstaZenaca vaccine, costs 1.78 euros. For its vaccine, which it developed in conjunction with Oxford University, AstraZeneca has announced that it is keeping its price low so that it can reach all people around the world more easily. The most expensive vaccine on the list is the Moderna. A dose of the vaccine developed by Moderna costs 14.7 euros.

The table included the number of coronavirus vaccines that Belgium plans to receive, the unit price to be paid per dose and the total cost under the agreement made by the EU Commission. According to de Blekeer, Belgium is scheduled to pay a total of 279 million 120 thousand 190 euros for 33.5 million doses of the vaccine.

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