Selin ATAY-TDO- According to a complaint filed by Belarus opposition politician Maria Kolesnikova’s lawyer, Maria Kolesnikova said a security officers put a bag over her head and threatened to kill her when they tried to forcibly deport her to Ukraine earlier this week.

Belarus opposition politician prevented the attempt to expel her by tearing up her passport. 

Maria Kolesnikova said in her statement that she had genuinely feared for her life during the failed deportation attempt.

“In particular it was stated that if I did not voluntarily leave the Republic of Belarus, I would be taken out anyway, alive or in bits. There were also threats to imprison me for up to 25 years,” Belarus opposition politician said.

Maria Kolesnikova was told there would be “problems” for her while she was held under guard or in jail.

“The persons indicated (security officers) uttered threats to my life and health, which I took to be real,” Kolesnikova said.

Kolesnikova’s lawyer Lyudmila Kazak filed a criminal complaint against Belarusian authorities including the KGB security police, for kidnap, illegal detention and threats to commit murder.

The complaint was submitted to the state Investigative Committee. The representative of the Committee Sergei Kabakovich asked for a comment about Kolesnikova’s case and he said “At the present moment I have no information about this.”

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