İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-07.09.2017- President of KRG, Masoud Barzani, made significant statements about the upcoming referendum. He said his ‘’duty’’ would end after the ‘’independence’’.

According to Sputnik News, Barzani told Al Arabia as ‘’ My only goal is to achieve my nation’s indepedence. As soon as I reach this aim, my duty would be completed’’. He added ‘’ We had a consent  on the establishment of a modern, federal and democratic Iraq but now, we are living in a state which has been built on a special religious group’’. He replied to question about the possibility of a delay in the date of the referendum as ‘’ We tried hard to live together. Nevertheless, as it did not happen, we decided to have a referendum. They ask us to postpone the date. In return, we ask them to provide any alternatives’’.

Many Western powers especially USA called Arbil to change the date. It is claimed that their main concern is the possibility of an interruption on the combat against Deash.

On the other hand, there are vaious allegations about the background of the decision. Some politicians and academicians argue that Barzani will use the referendum as a measure to by-pass interior political and economic problems, to protect his rule as the president and even empower it with the adjective as ‘’ the founder’’.

The critical referendum will be held on 25th of September.

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