Mustafa AY – TDO – 04.10.2017 Barcelona FC – also known as ‘Catalans’ - is accepted as the most considerable one of the top teams of La Liga. Catalans has been doing big jobs in terms of politics. At the last Sunday, Barcelona FC defeated Las Palmas with the score of 3-0. Barcelona played the match with Las Palmas without spectators and the match did not appeal many football lovers in Spain so much, as opposed to prior matches. That’s why, Barcelona FC’s vice-president Carles Vilarribu resigned his duty after the match. The core reason lying behind his resign is that Vilarribu wanted to put off Las Palmas match, but denied by club’s board of management. With his will for postpone, he reportedly wanted to protest Madrid administration’s official statement “we don’t recognize Catalonia’s independence referendum”. Following his resign, Jordi Mones undertaking the member of board of management resigned his duty as well.

After all, resigns shocking Barcelona FC and fans of the club, today, Barcelona officials announced that they are going to organize strike across the club. Meaning that, there will be no training and no works in offices within Barcelona FC. Club managers summarized their unanimous decision on strike as like “We are going to show the unjust treatment Catalonia has been exposed, to World”.   

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