News Centre – TDO- Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Turkey M. Allama Siddiki and his spouse Rashna Faruk have hosted a reception at the Ankara Swiss Hotel to mark the opening of the Bangladeshi Food Festival, which will continue for three days.

The reception was attended by members of parliament, the governor of Ankara, high ranking civil servants, top names from the worlds of politics and business, academics and intellectuals, diplomatic corps and representatives of the media. Bangladesh’s Istanbul Consul-General Dr Mohammad Monirul Islam was also present.

Ambassador M. Allama Siddiki informed guests of the rich culinary heritage of Bangladesh in his opening address and said that by hosting such an event they were pleased to introduce Turkish guests to Bangladeshi food and hoped such activities would be repeated in the future.

The ambassador told guests that in order to understand Bengal, they should view it through poetry, the fine arts, food and cricket. “These are the passions that most attract and occupy the people of Bangladesh. The strengthening bilateral ties between Bangladesh and Turkey are growing in many dimensions.” The ambassador introduced chef Md. Ahsan Habib Biplob and chef Mir Md. Shahidul Alam, who will cook during the festival, which will last for three days in Ankara. The highly esteemed steam cooked Hilsha, Tehari, Bakarkhani and Lachcha Shemai dishes of Bangladesh were praised by guests.

The venue displayed posters and photographs of Bangladesh’s ongoing successful development work. The guests also viewed a presentation of the swift transformation of society that is underway under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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