Ban on One of the Most Popular TV Channel in Iran


News Center – TDO – Watching the satellite TV channel Simay Azadi, the voice of the Iranian National Resistance movement, was banned by the Iranian government and was viewed as a criminal offense. It was announced that all hardware used to monitor the channel will be confiscated. In a blog published on the Freedom Star Blog site ,support the Iranian National Resistance Movement, Simay Azadi was banned. The call for the support of Simay Azadi was made, stating that the voice of the Iranian National Resistance movement was being tried to be reduced.

Many journalists were arrested and tortured on the grounds that they provided news and information to Simay Azadi in Iran.

The Iranian National Resistance Movement, saying that they are trying to make their voices heard for a free, democratic Iran and that the freedom of the Iranian people should not be restricted, has repeated the call for help for the channel and wanted to support the heroes who have revealed their lives for Free Iran.

Simay Azadi's call for support can be read here 

Source :Pledge Drive For Freedom In Iran-Support The Free Voice For Iran


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