İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 12.07.2017- According to Al- Sumeria Tv, Deash approved the death of Ebubekir Al Baghdadi.

Sources declared the name of the new ‘’caliph’’ of so-called state.  The new leader is Abdurrahman Mustafa al-Seyhlar, using a nickname as Abu Al Afri.

Like many others in the terrorist organization, he is a former Al-Qaeda militant that became active after American intervention to Iraq. Actually, Abu al Afri had a higher education degree in physics but he was working as a bus driver.  In 1990’s he was very reputable in Telafer as ecclesiastics and supported of Jihad. In 2004, he flew from his country and joined Al-Qaeda.  He worked as a consultant to the organization. One’s, he was arrested by American forces but he was released.

Now, Deash kills innocent people, increase the prestige of some dirty actors and it seems it is much more than a sheep herd.  This new ‘’appointment’’ in the terrorist organization has proven this. Hopefully, World will be saved from each terrorist organization, their creators and supporters as soon as possible.


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