Mustafa AY – TDO – 11.07.2017 British musician Sting was deemed worth to Polar Music Prize, which has been organized in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. This European based organization granted many American and European musicians with this valuable award, since its foundation. Polar Music Committee selected Sting for his success in musical initiative on surfacing and giving the talented young asylum-seekers from Eritrea, Syria and Afghanistan the opportunity to have a good life. At the end of the award night, Sting was rewarded with 1 million Krona that is equivalent to approximately 120.000 Dollars.

With his project, many Europeans were proud of him because this award serves as a cultural bridge amidst Europeans and the refugees, especially both last generation refugees and posterities of the last gen. So, many Europeans expect less-isolated Eastern society than fully alienated society from Europe. With this project, the young asylum-seekers taking part in the project will be able to settle communication with Europeans which makes the intercommunal affairs trouble-free. Sting will contribute to this cause, in case of coming true rather than remaining as prospect.

Besides, Sting’s project will likely help European musical associations stand a chance of getting and sustaining the legacy of valuable Eastern music and instruments, of which some are endangered to extinction. But all those plans may be achieved through incorporating endangered Eastern music into European musical industry. With an emergent musical synthesis (a musical form appearing as a result of mixture), intercultural interaction would be possible. Therefore, Sting’s project plays a great role.

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