News Center - TDO–Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Turkey Khazar Ibrahim hosted a conference titled “Azerbaijan in the New Age of Global Diplomacy”, in which Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Hikmat Hajiyev participated as speaker.

Many foreign mission representatives, diplomats and university students and guests from Ankara participated in the conference held at the Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Ankara.

Ambassador Ibrahim, in his speech at the conference, said that the conference was held within the scope of the 100th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In his speech on the foreign policy of Azerbaijan, Hikmat Hajiyev, Head of the Department of Foreign Policy Issues of the Presidency of Azerbaijan, drew attention to the fact that the country has made progress in every field since the declaration of independence. Hajiyev stressed that his country is acting with the understanding that "the best prosperity is shared prosperity".

Hajiyev stressed that his country is acting with the understanding that "the best prosperity is shared prosperity".

Emphasizing that Armenia should end its occupation in Azerbaijan, Hajiyev said, "The real victim and prisoner of this situation is Armenia. Armenia thought that it would gain more prosperity by invading the Azerbaijani territory and would simply expand its territory, but as a result of this Middle Ages attitude of occupying the territory of another country, it lost itself in many respects. He faced political and economic crises.”

Hajiyev stressed that if Armenia takes a constructive step, solutions can be found to the problems between the two countries and emphasized that the Armenian army should leave the Azerbaijani territory in accordance with the demands of the United Nations Security Council.

"As long as the occupation continues, peace cannot be talked about," said Hajiyev. There will be no winner or loser in this process. Both sides, especially Armenia, will benefit from a wider regional co-operation.”

Hajiyev stated that Azerbaijan is watching a multifaceted foreign policy, both neighbors of the countries Turkey, Iran and both opting for a very good and effective cooperation with Russia, the European Union, the United States and was told also establish effective relations and cooperation ties with China.

"Azerbaijan's priority in bilateral relations is the fundamental principles of mutual respect, cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and non-interference in internal affairs," Hajiyev said.

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