Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.09.2017 In the aftermath of the escalating terror assails with vehicles, Austrian govt. had decided on taking wall-measure against identical terror attacks so that they could manage to protect the foreign tourists. Construction of wall was going to cost 1.5 million Euros to the government. This situation set Austrian Parliament in motion. It granted far-right Freedom Party (FPO), which is the main opposition party in the parliament, with an advantage to be used against Chancellor ahead of national elections in October. Because this advantage is being used as a tool for propagation by FPO as “it is an indication of the fact that Chancellor’s government was inadequate to implement vital national security policies”. This plays an efficient role in that FPO would win the forthcoming elections.

FPO’s electioneering has already occupied the minds of Austrian constituents. Many Austrians forced Chancellor to halt the construction of wall on account of both that they accept the propagation of FPO as reasonable, and that the wall-measure would most likely form an unfavorable impression in the eyes of alien tourists. As a result of proliferating public pressure and concern for losing election, Chancellor was obliged to halt the construction on Thursday. 

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