Mustafa AY – TDO – 05.07.2017 Austrian government has just deployed 750 military personnel with 4 armored personnel carrier to Italian border in Brenner Pass. The purpose of sending troops is to hinder incoming refugees. Many Syrian and African asylum seekers deflected their eyes into Italian shores and Slovenia specially after Macedonian border was fenced firmly. In the first half of 2017, the number of asylum seekers arrived at Italy from Libya reached approximately 90.000. Italian government is seeking for alternative ways to the problem. Recently, revealed plans shows that Italian government subsidies train Libyan naval forces. However, this program seems to be unsuccessful in dealing with the influx of refugees.

Austrian government officials attribute increasing xenophobic cases to illegal and legal asylum seekers settling in. This horrific situation undermines the country’s prestige by Austrians themselves. Some police reports indicate Austrian Nazi Sympathizers are propagating refugees with hatred feelings. To give a case, 25-years-old Austrian inhabitant in Braunau was detained due to making Nazi propaganda.

The reason why Xenophobia was triggered and escalated can be ordered as:

1-    Birth rates was in decline among nationals whereas birth rates of asylum seekers are increasing. This led concerns as the demographic structure of Austria may change.

2-    Country’s resources allocated to inhibit the influx of asylum seeker,

3-    European commission is unable to find out a sustainable solution to refugee crisis.

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