Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Australia, Former Sports Minister Bridget McKenzie has announced she is stepping down from her post after it emerged she had approved a $ 24k donation from the public budget to the shooting club, of which she is a member, from the Sports Development Fund.

McKenzie, 50, who is also deputy leader of the National Party, had also served as agriculture minister during a period of extreme droughts and bushfires that have plagued Australia for the past year.

McKenzie's donation meant he wanted to avoid the closure of the shooting club he was a member of. The sports ministry said in an investigation that this action was against the institution's rules. While Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison backed McKenzie after the incident came to light, he also claimed the donation was under the ministry's legislation.

After the incident, the Australian National Budget Audit Authority said in a statement that 400 projects had been supported over the past year, of which 70 per cent were made outside the budget of the Department of Sport. The total funding allocated to the sports development budget in the country was more than $ 69 million.

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