Selin ATAY-TDO- In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), responsible for medical regulation, announced that it had approved a novel type of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine developed by pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

The TGA said it had thoroughly and independently reviewed the presentation by Pfizer and announced that it had approved it for use in Australia after it was determined that the vaccine met the high standards of safety, effectiveness and quality required. In the statement, the TGA stressed that the approval of the vaccine will be valid for 2 years and noted that it will continue to monitor the reliability of the vaccine in Australia and abroad.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said following the approval of the Pfizer vaccine, which is the first vaccine to be used in Australia, he welcomed the decision. PM Morrison said their goal as a government was to ‘keep Australians safe and protect their lives and livelihoods.’

Prime Minister Morrison said they were considering starting the vaccination work at the end of February. "The end of the February, rather than mid-February, is the time to start vaccinating, because of the challenges we are seeing in production and delivery around the world for both AZ (AstraZeneca vaccine) and Pfizer," PM said.

Health Minister Greg Hunt stressed in a statement that the TGA  "puts safety above all else" and initially predicted that 80 thousand Australians a week would be vaccinated.

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