Selin ATAY-TDO- (15.02.2020)- Fire officials in Australia are celebrating a landmark moment, saying that for the first time in what has been a horrendous wildfire season, every fire in hard-hit New South Wales is now under control.

A statement from the NSW Rural Fire Service announced that the fires, which have been going on for 6 months, have been brought under control for the first time thanks to heavy rainfall across the state, which has been effective for about 10 days.

Bushfires have destroyed more than 2,400 homes and burned 5.4 million hectares of land - or about 13.3 million acres - in the country's most populous state.

More than a week of heavy rain has helped fire crews extinguish or control dangerous fires. And while the deluge has created its own problems, such as flooding and mudslides, firefighters welcomed the news that they finally have the upper hand in combating fires and can focus on the recovery process.

"After what's been a truly devastating fire season for both firefighters and residents who suffered through so much this season, all fires are now contained in New South Wales, which is great news," NSW Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers said.

"Not all fires are out," Rogers added, noting that some fires are burning in the state's far south. "But all fires are contained, so we can really focus on helping people rebuild."

The overall death toll from the bush fires now exceeds 30, with more than 2,500 homes destroyed.

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